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ASUS sells 3 million tablets in 2013 Q1, rakes in $202 million profit

The PC market may be shrinking, but ASUS' plan to avoid being swept away by its rivals seems to be working. The Nexus 7 maker's latest financials reveal it made $3.5 billion in revenue, coining a quarterly profit of $202 million in the process -- up 5.8 percent compared to both the previous quarter and the same quarter in 2012. While ASUS did see sales drops in its Notebook and PC Component divisions, these were offset by sales of 3 million tablets in the first three months of the year. The company is also making gains in America, which now accounts for 23 percent of ASUS' business -- up from 17 percent at the start of last year. While these current results are the company's seventh consecutive earnings increase, ASUS is predicting sales will remain flat in the next quarter -- perhaps affirming the rumor that we won't see that rumored Nexus 7 replacement until Q3.