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Hidden sensors in Google Glass could enable AR apps

One of the bigger digs against Glass so far has been its rather limited feature set. In particular, there seemed to be no way to build full augmented reality applications for the wearable. (And it's not like Google has exactly been forthcoming about many of its specs.) But all hope is not lost. Programmer Lance Nanek was digging around in debug mode and managed to push an Android app to the head-mounted display that spit out a list of available sensors. Looks like Glass does in fact have all of the necessary components for full-fledged AR -- the official API just hasn't exposed those capabilities yet. Currently, third-party Glass apps are limited to updating your location once every 10 minutes, but with a little bit of hacking, we're sure that limitation could be overcome and the full suite of orientation sensors exposed to developers. Perhaps it won't be long before someone ports Yelp Monocle to Glass. Of course, it's probably only a matter of time before Google opens those features up to devs. For the full list of sensors and location providers head on after the break.


  • MPL Gyroscope

  • MPL Accelerometer

  • MPL Magnetic Field

  • MPL Orientation

  • MPL Rotation Vector

  • MPL Linear Acceleration

  • MPL Gravity

  • LTR-506ALS Light sensor

  • Rotation Vector Sensor

  • Gravity Sensor

  • Linear Acceleration Sensor

  • Orientation Sensor

  • Corrected Gyroscope Sensor

Location providers

  • network

  • passive

  • gps