Clone Wars Adventures not (immediately) affected by EA/Disney deal

Clone Wars Adventures not immediately affected by EADisney deal

If you're a Star Wars fan, you've no doubt heard of EA's acquisition of an exclusive multi-year license for creating games based on the iconic space story, a license that spans multiple platforms. But what does that mean for current -- or even past -- Star Wars MMOs that aren't connected to that studio? Massively jumped on the case and contacted SOE to find out what, if any, effect this agreement between EA and Disney would have on its past and present titles.

Specifically, we asked if Clone Wars Adventures would be forced to shut down when the current license expires. Of course, we also slipped in a question as to whether or not that deal prevented any possibility of a return of Star Wars Galaxies. As for CWA, the studio replied "Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures is fully armed and operational, and this week's announcement does not affect our current agreement with Lucasfilm." So the browser-based games appears safe -- at least for now. The studio, however, declined to comment on SWG.