Introducing HEX, the MMOTCG by Cryptozoic

Hex The MMO TCG by Cryptozoic

Cryptozoic Entertainment has just revealed the Kickstarter for its upcoming MMO trading card game, HEX: Shards of Fate. Cryptozoic is claiming that the game "combines the amazing community and storytelling aspects" of MMOs with the "compelling collectible and strategic game play" of TCGs.

Players will roll a character (from a selection of six classes and eight races), collect gear, explore dungeons and raids, join guilds, and do other stuff that you'd usually associate with an MMORPG. They'll also be able to unlock and utilize more than 350 cards (in the first set), socket those cards for customization, and compete in a manner fairly typical of TCGs. Each card tracks its own leveling bar (the completion of which will transform the card into its foil variant), a trophy case for showing off what you've won while using that card, card-specific achievements, and more. Cards can also be transformed mid-match, giving you the ability to, say, hatch an egg to produce a dragon to help you out during your fight.

The Kickstarter project is trying to reach $300,000. Rewards start as low as beta access at the $10 level and go on up to the "producer tier" for the five people who first choose to throw $10,000 or more into the hat.