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Google updates I/O 2013 Android app, details streaming schedule

Google's spreading the love around to both I/O 2013 attendees and non-attendees alike with an update to its official conference app and a schedule of live-streaming videos, events and interviews. After signing in with your Google+ account, the app will figure out whether you'll be there in person or not, with attendees getting automatic WiFi settings for the show, device-synced schedules, a lock screen agenda widget, NFC badge scanning and vector-based maps with session info. If you'll be there in spirit only, you can use an off-site attendee mode to coordinate livestream viewing, which can be done to a big screen via the app's dedicated HDMI video output. Meanwhile, Mountain view said live video would be available on your computer, tablet or phone for all the sessions, as well as the keynote, product announcements and interviews -- you can find the details at the source.