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Guacamelee dominates April's PSN charts in US and Europe

Guacamelee dominates April's PSN charts in US and Europe

Sony reports that DrinkBox Studios' side-scrolling luchador brawler Guacamelee emerged as last month's biggest seller on the PlayStation Network, topping the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita sales charts in North America and Europe.

Guacamelee launched in both regions the week of April 9, and was bolstered by a week-long sale for PlayStation Plus members. The game beat out Terraria and the downloadable version of Square Enix's Tomb Raider for the top PS3 chart spot stateside, and overtook Sony's Soul Sacrifice and Muteki's Dragon Fantasy Book I to lead PS Vita sales.

Over in Europe, Guacamelee toppled PSN favorites Journey, Hitman: Blood Money HD and Crysis to champion the PS3 sales list, and outsold Urban Trial Freestyle and Sound Shapes in a no-holds-barred Triple Threat match on the Vita.