Olympus PEN Lite E-PL6 brings OM-D focusing to lower-cost cameras

Sure, Olympus' PEN E-P5 brings the OM-D E-M5's fast autofocusing to a smaller body, but it's not really cheaper when both cameras cost $1,000 lens-free in the US. Thankfully, the PEN Lite E-PL6 is on the way to democratize the technology in earnest. The new Micro Four Thirds model shares the 16-megapixel sensor, TruePic VI engine and fast focusing of its cutting-edge cousins, but makes a few sacrifices to keep the cost in check. The E-P5's built-in WiFi and five-axis stabilization are missing, and the camera otherwise behaves more like its E-PL5 ancestor: it shoots at a slower 8 frames per second with a lower-resolution 460,000-pixel, 3-inch swiveling touchscreen. Not that Americans comfortable with the E-PL6's frugal features can pick one up, mind you. To date, Olympus has only committed to a Japanese launch in late June. %Gallery-187995%