Runtastic brings a GPS watch, fitness monitors and more to the US

Most app developers have few incentives to build their own hardware, let alone the resources. With 25 million mobile users, Runtastic has both -- so it only makes sense that the company is bringing a slate of complementary exercise gear to the US for the first time. The initial catalog won't shock cyclists and runners who have ever toyed with tracking their progress, but it's certainly complete. Along with Runtastic's take on a GPS watch ($150), there's also an app-friendly heart rate monitor ($70), a speed sensor ($60), an armband and a bike mount. While the peripherals only truly make sense for Runtastic loyalists, they're available today through Amazon -- and they might seal the deal for athletes who want a harmonious blend of hardware and software.

Runtastic launches a GPS watch, fitness monitors and more in the US

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Runtastic Launches Fitness Hardware on and Announces Partnership with Power Music

San Francisco, CA – May 13, 2013 – Today Runtastic - an innovative suite of apps, products and services that track and manage health and fitness data to motivate individuals to get in shape, stay healthy and improve overall fitness - launched an extensive line of proprietary hardware in the U.S., available exclusively on This announcement comes as the Runtastic fitness community surpasses 25 million mobile users, 10 million registered users on and averages one app download per second, showcasing Runtastic's leadership in the mobile health and fitness industry.

Runtastic's proprietary hardware has been designed to work with Runtastic apps to provide users with the most comprehensive set of tools for monitoring fitness activities. The top-rated apps - including Runtastic, Road Bike and Mountain Bike-track critical performance metrics such as distance traveled, speed, elevation gain/loss, rate of climb, calories burned and pace. The hardware adds additional layers of data such as heart rate, speed and cadence statistics. By controlling every aspect of the fitness ecosystem, from the apps to the hardware to the website, Runtastic offers a fully integrated, easy-to-use experience.

"The best way to improve performance is to track and monitor your activities," said Florian Gschwandtner, CEO of Runtastic. "By offering hardware, apps and services that are all developed in-house, Runtastic creates an integrated experience that is easy and fun."

Heart Rate Monitors

The Runtastic Bluetooth Smart Combo Heart Rate Monitor uses the latest Bluetooth and 5.3 kHz technologies to broadcast heart rate data directly to Runtastic apps, without the need for an additional smartphone adaptor, for both indoor and outdoor exercise activities. If you don't want to carry a smartphone when exercising, the Runtastic GPS Watch with Heart Rate Monitor tracks workouts and transfers data to

Cycling Hardware

The Runtastic Speed and Cadence Sensor, in combination with the Runtastic Road Bike or Runtastic Mountain Bike apps, turns your smartphone into a professional-grade cycling computer. Users can mount their smartphones to the handlebars with the Runtastic Bike Case and Bluetooth Smart technology transmits measurements directly to the screen so users can view speed, cadence, GPS position, distance, elevation gain/loss and more all in one place.

Power Music

Music and fitness go hand-in-hand which is why Runtastic provides an in-app integrated music player and Power Song features. To expand on this offering, Runtastic has partnered with Power Music, the world's No. 1 producer of workout music, to create scientifically-engineered music compilations. With the right music, users can increase motivation, length of workout and calories burned, and have fun while achieving better results. The first Runtastic Workout Mix is available now on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify and in other digital music stores.