Metro: Last Light dev warns against changing FOV with coming patch

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Metro: Last Light dev warns against changing FOV with coming patch
Metro Last Light devs respond to field of view requests
Metro: Last Light features a fixed field of view, and while we didn't have a problem with that, other players have. Developer 4A Games heard the feedback and has a fix in the next title update coming to Steam – but it comes with a warning. Changing the field of view could trigger a range of bugs, including breaking cut scene animations and decreasing game performance in general.

"We had considered offering three FOV pre-sets, but this would still require significant work to re-do every animation, adjust the HUD and UI and other seemingly small but incredibly time consuming tasks," 4A writes on the game's Steam discussion board. "Even with a wider but still fixed field of view, Artyom's hands would look too far away. We know – we tried."

4A is looking at other possible solutions, but for now the next title update's fix will have to do.

"This may well trigger a number of issues listed above – you have been warned!" 4A says.
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