Champions Online brings back the Bloodmoon event and prepares for space gladiators

yeah you heard me. SPACE. GLADIATORS.

Players of Champions Online, rejoice! The Bloodmoon has risen once again, and dark and dire perils threaten Millennium City. From this Thursday at 3:01 p.m. EDT until Tuesday at 2:59 a.m. EDT, you'll be able to hop into the action and bathe in the blood of your ghoulish enemies. Do ghouls have blood? We'll assume so.

Did you know that there are aliens hiding on the dark side of the moon? Of course you did! But here's the thing: There are also aliens hiding on the dark side of the moon in Champions Online. They've been kidnapping heroes from earth to fight in their lunar gladiatorial arena. Soon, the Forum Malvanum custom alert will be open to any Earthling brave enough to step up to the challenge.

Skip below the cut to catch a bit of history on what the Bloodmoon is all about.