Sony's not showing its new PlayStation 4 just yet, but here's a taste (video)

What does the PlayStation 4 look like? We didn't find out back at Sony's big New York City reveal gala in February, but it looks like we're edging ever closer to that moment: June 10th at 6PM PT seems to be exactly when we'll find out. Hey, wouldn't you know it, that lines up with Sony's E3 2013 press conference, which we'll be liveblogging right here on Engadget. The coincidences simply won't stop! A new tease video today gives us a few glimpses at what we might see in a few weeks, but for now you'll have to be sated by looking through individual video frames. Take a look (and then another, and then another) just below the break.

The PlayStation 4 has a projected launch of "Holiday 2013," and is Sony's next entry in its long-running PlayStation line of game consoles. The company's already shown off its new DualShock 4 controller, as well as its PlayStation 4 Eye motion camera (akin to Microsoft's Kinect), and we expect to see not just the console, but a smattering of other PlayStation-related news at the June 10th press conference. Today's tease comes just one day before Microsoft's expected next-gen Xbox reveal event kicks off in Redmond. Oh you guys!

Update: Intrepid commenter GoldenRabbit snatched all the stills from the tease and put them all in one place, right here. Thanks dude!

Update 2: And gaming forum NeoGAF goes even deeper in this thread. We're pretty sure it's a game console. Or a fancy scale. Or maybe a panini press?