Microsoft announces Skype integration for Xbox One, leverages Kinect enhancements

It may have taken two years and a new console generation, but Microsoft is finally making good on an old promise: Skype is coming to Xbox. Microsoft has been planning to port the internet telephony service to its home console since it purchased Skype back in 2011, but it never surfaced on the Xbox 360. Now, the service is poised to make the most of the next generation, leveraging the refreshed Kinect and voice enhancements for a higher-quality experience than its predecessor was capable of. Gamers can receive calls even while watching movies, and they can open them up side by side other apps and games in Snap Mode. Naturally, Skype can be controlled via voice, with commands to shut off the mic or camera, end calls and go full screen. Group video chat was given a mention, but it's still not clear just how many folks can be looped in.%Gallery-188985%

Alexis Santos contributed to this post.