A new gamepad for a new game console: Microsoft's Xbox One wireless controller revealed

Despite the few protestations gamers have with the Xbox 360 wireless controller, Microsoft is apparently updating its much-loved input device for the next-generation, Xbox One. At first glance, the controller looks rather similar to its successor, though there are definitely some design tweaks in tow. For starters, the renowned "Xbox button" has been moved up a bit, making room for a couple of buttons in the central place where it used to be located.

What's more, and in what's perhaps the biggest change, the triggers now have a built-in rumble system, which Microsoft's calling "Impulse Triggers." There's now also a redesigned d-pad that takes on a more traditional "cross" look, while the thumbsticks are slightly shorter and have a textured design around the edge, which, presumably, should help keep your thumbs gripped with more ease. The battery compartment, meanwhile, is much smaller than the previous version. We're likely to hear more about the One's gamepad soon, so we'll be sure to keep you in the loop as more info comes in.

Ben Gilbert contributed to this report.