Powermat acquires PowerKiss, plans European wireless charging rollout

Well, we can't say we didn't see this one coming. News that PowerKiss, the Helsinki-based wireless charging company, joined the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) hit in March. Even then, there was a chance that the manufacturer would continue supporting Qi, in addition to PMA. As of today, though, any hope of such support has been officially extinguished -- Powermat is calling the shots now. The two companies will combine under the Powermat Technologies umbrella, and will, of course, support PMA exclusively. PowerKiss will bring with it 1,000 existing charging spots throughout Europe, along with installations at select McDonald's locations on the continent. It's not clear when the transition will be complete, but there's no question that the PMA standard now has some very significant support. Catch the PR after the break.

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Powermat and PowerKiss to Unite

Two Rivals of Wireless Power Become One

New York, NY and Helsinki, Finland - May 21, 2013 – Powermat andPowerKiss – two of the pioneers and leaders of the wireless power industry- today announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement tocombine their companies under the Powermat Technologies umbrella.

Today's news offers the promise of settling the issue of conflicting standardswithin the wireless power industry. In the past, Powermat and PowerKiss hadbacked incompatible standards, and today both are committed to the samePMA standard, which also enjoys the backing of AT&T, Procter & Gamble,Starbucks and many others.

Powermat has deployed over 1,500 charging spots in the US in places suchas leading airports, coffee shops, malls and arenas. In Europe, PowerKisshas overseen the installation of over 1,000 charging spots in airports, hotelsand cafés, and recently announced wireless charging at select McDonaldsEurope locations. By combining forces, the companies aim to enable aconsistent wireless charging experience for mobile people across the globe.

"With our on-the-go lifestyles, keeping our devices powered and ready at alltimes has become the biggest unmet consumer need. Uniting forces behinda common standard ensures that consumers will be able to avail themselvesof the widest possible ecosystem of public places where they can recharge,"said Ran Poliakine, CEO of Powermat. "Very soon consumers will be able toaccess wireless power seamlessly as they move between home, office, coffeeshop, car and airport. PowerKiss shares our dream of a wireless world, andhas the creativity and exceptional capabilities needed to help transform thisdream into reality."

"PowerKiss recently became members of the PMA – enticed by itsunique digital-layer, remote management capability and remarkableindustry momentum. Today we are going 'all-in' and are very excited tocombine forces with Powermat," said Mats Wolontis, CEO of PowerKiss.

"Powermat has excellent knowhow in this industry and the drive to makethings happen. Our two companies have a remarkably similar vision forwireless power, and have labored in parallel to make it a reality. Along theway we made different and incompatible technological choices, and this isexactly the right time to resolve these. From now on we will operate as onecompany, one powerhouse deploying a common technology and supportingone single standard. We can't wait to show the world what we can doAbout PowerKiss

PowerKiss Ltd provides integrated wireless charging solutions, which aim torelease people from the inconvenience of charging cables, power sockets andempty batteries. PowerKiss is found in cafés, restaurants, hotels and airportsaround the world and has become a forefront player in the rapidly growingwireless charging industry. The company is headquartered in Helsinki,Finland. Please find out more at

About Powermat Technologies

Powermat is the pioneer and leader of the wireless power industry. Enjoyedby millions of consumers worldwide, Powermat's technology was formallyadopted by the PMA, and is the platform of choice for such global leadersas Duracell, General Motors, AT&T and Starbucks. Please find out more