Drybox Rescue Station: the ultimate cellphone drying system (hands-on)

We all agree it's a terrible feeling when you drop a phone -- that fraction of a second when you realize, only too late, that your handset is headed toward the ground. Worse, of course, is knowing it won't be hitting concrete, but instead performing a beautiful swan dive into water. Rice in a bag or mysterious crystal desiccants are what most folks use as a go-to for water damage repair on their handsets, but the folks at DryBox have another answer. Using a box that will dry your phone in 25 minutes or so using a combination of heat, vacuum pump and light, DryBox claims up to 80 percent success for recovering your waterlogged handset.

A rep from DryBox explained to us that as long as a handset is left alone after getting wet and gets to them within 36 hours, the likelihood of recovery are very good; after that, your chances start to dwindle fast. Interestingly, iPhones have the best recovery record -- especially the iPhone 5 -- though whether that's because it's a sealed device or because so many exist is a mystery to DryBox. The patent-pending DryBox system isn't a home solution for sure; rather, Drybox envisions a profit sharing deal whereby stores set up the devices and share the revenue. Pricing is set by the dealer, but is typically somewhere between $20 and $40. A few locations are already up and running in San Antonio and Austin, Texas, so if you're in that area with a bricked phone, it might be worth checking them out.%Gallery-189128%