GM and AT&T demo LTE-enabled OnStar connected vehicle (hands-on)

GM and OnStar were on hand at CTIA to demonstrate a few ideas of what its new service could look like once bolstered with AT&T's LTE network. The system, which we originally heard about in February at Mobile World Congress, is still in its infancy, but with all the ideas being bounced around during our whirlwind tour it's apparent that's changing fast. Without question, big change is what is driving this whole endeavor, specifically adding infotainment to its stalwart safety, security and diagnostics offerings.

GM and OnStar envision a curated app ecosystem with downloadable apps, remote car management -- including streaming video to remote devices from your car's onboard cameras -- access to U-Verse and even a built in hotspot to share with your passengers. Developers will have access to APIs that can interact with the car to grab info about speed, performance, fuel economy and other interesting metrics but are locked out of anything potentially dangerous. After our brief demo we came away mostly impressed with what we saw, though, we're still unsure if an in-car app ecosystem is a viable thing. Driver distraction issues aside, there are wealth of devices able to provide all the same services and more often than not they'll already be in your pockets and in your car. Launch of the 2015 model year cars is still quite a way off but we'll definitely be tracking the system's progress as it prepares to hit showrooms later this year. Follow on for a video of the system in action.