OmniGroup releases OmniPresence, free sync technology for OS X and iOS

OmniGroup, the Seattle-based developers of OmniOutliner, OmniGraphSketcher, OmniGraffle, OmniFocus and OmniPlan, has announced that today they are shipping OmniPresence document syncing.

OmniPresence rounds out the automatic syncing solutions that OmniGroup added first to OmniFocus in 2008 and OmniPlan in 2011. OmniGroup CEO Ken Case noted in a May 20 blog post that OmniPresence works well with Mac apps that support OS X Auto Save and Versions. To quote Case, "Using the same underlying document coordination as Versions, OmniPresence lets your app know when a document has been changed on another device, and double-checks to make sure it always syncs a current and complete copy of any documents currently being edited. OmniPresence can't prevent conflicting edits from multiple devices, but when that happens it automatically saves both versions of conflicting edits so that no edits are lost."

OmniPresence is built on top of open web server technologies, which means that users can sync document using their own web server. Apache server, for example, is built into Mountain Lion Server, so any user or company can keep OmniPresence syncing running well into the future. Since many customers will choose not to set up their own servers, OmniGroup is scaling up their Omni Sync Server to support OmniPresence. Anyone who previously checked the "I am brave" box on should already have access.

Developers will be able to see the source code to OmniPresence on github. A demo video of OmniPresence in action is embedded below.

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The Omni Group Releases OmniPresence: Free Sync Technology for OS X and iOS
Customers now able to quickly and privately sync documents across multiple devices

SEATTLE, Washington-May 23, 2013-The Omni Group, developer of productivity applications for Mac, iPad and iPhone, today announced the release of OmniPresence, a new way for users to sync documents. This completes the effort to bring full synchronization to each of the Omni Group's five applications. At the core of OmniPresence are open, free and tested technologies, chosen specifically so users can store their data anywhere.

This is an approach vastly different from the proprietary - and sometimes short-lived - sync services on the market today.

Put simply, OmniPresence syncs everything within a folder between many devices using a standard web server. Because of the way OmniPresence was designed, customers also have the advantage of being able to keep all data under their own control. This is sometimes a necessity for confidential data within companies.

"OmniPresence is built to last," says Ken Case, CEO of the Omni Group. "Rather than building document syncing on top of a proprietary service that might not be available to you in five years, we built OmniPresence on top of open server technologies so that anyone can run their own service. If you're headed to Mars or Antarctica and want to be able to sync documents between devices while you're there, all you need is a run-of-the-mill server and OmniPresence."

If customers aren't interested in self-hosting, many free web hosting providers offer the necessary support to get started.

The Omni Group today also released a free and open-source framework for iOS developers to add support for OmniPresence to any document-based application on the iPad or iPhone.

OmniPresence is a free download for the latest version of OS X, and is built into each of the Omni Group's document-based apps on the iPad: OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner and OmniGraphSketcher. These apps join OmniFocus and OmniPlan, bringing syncing to the Omni Group's entire family of products.


About OmniPresence:
OmniPresence brings syncing to the Omni Group's document-based applications for Mac and iPad. Built to last, it was designed with the user's privacy - and the data's portability - in mind.

About The Omni Group:
Founded in 1993 as a software consultancy and one of the first companies dedicated to developing software for OS X, the Omni Group is focused on making productivity software enjoyable to use. The employee-owned company is happy to call beautiful Seattle, Washington home.