Fujitsu revamps E-series Lifebooks, gives Ivy Bridge one last hurrah

Intel's Haswell-based processors may be just around the corner, but the suit-and-tie crowd can't always wait to buy new PCs, can it? Fujitsu has those impatient corporate buyers covered with a refresh to its E-series Lifebooks. The 13.3-inch E733, 14-inch E743 and 15.6-inch E753 all keep on trucking with Ivy Bridge, but come in silver and red designs that are more elegant than what we saw last year. Not that they're just skin-deep upgrades, mind you. The more common configurations tout more recent 2.6GHz Core i5 processors and 500GB hybrid hard drives, while each system can scale up to 16GB of RAM and a Core i7 for extra-demanding work. When prices start at $999, the new Lifebooks may be inexpensive enough to make shoppers feel better about their timing -- at least, for a few weeks.