The After Math: An Xbox One special

Welcome to The After Math, where we attempt to summarize this week's tech news through numbers, decimal places and percentages.

DNP The After Math An Xbox One special

We doubt you missed it, but Microsoft unveiled its new games console this week, and it even showed off some Xbox One hardware to prove it. While the new name is offering casual gamers a bit of confusion -- Google "Xbox One" for a taste -- the specifications sound like they could make for one very potent console. Billions of transistors? We're just hoping they ensure there's plenty of Covenant to shoot in the requisite Halo sequel. There was a very heavy focus on TV, Call of Duty and sports games, so plenty of big-hitter titles to get excited about. But numbers and decimals make us just as happy, so join us for plenty of 'em after the break.

  • The name of Microsoft's third Xbox console: One

  • Number of transistors built into the Xbox One's custom SoC: 5 billion

  • Number of internet users in the world: 2.4 billion

  • Processor cores inside the Xbox One CPU: 8

  • Processor cores inside the Xbox 360 CPU: 3

  • Number of operating systems on the new Xbox: 3

  • Maximum number of friends you can register on the Xbox One: 1,000

  • Mentions of "TV" or "television" during the Xbox One launch event: 54

  • Xbox One-exclusive titles promised so far: 15

  • Launch year for the first-ever licensed Madden game, Madden NFL : 1993

  • Best-selling album of 1993: The Bodyguard: Original Soundtrack Album

  • Pieces of custom silicon inside the Xbox One: 5

  • Number of additional servers added to Xbox Live: 300,000

  • Infrared pixel depth on the Xbox One's second-generation Kinect: 250,000

  • Number of prototype controllers designed during development of the new gamepad: "Between 200 and 300"

  • Number of dedicated 3D printers in Microsoft's controller workshop: 3

  • Number of CGI dogs featured at the event: 1

  • Minutes of the one-hour presentation devoted to Call of Duty: 15

  • Accounts following @CollarDuty (the Call of Duty dog) since it started tweeting on May 21st: 19,728