Tim Cook: Apple has no issue porting its apps to Android

Alexis Santos
A. Santos|05.29.13

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Tim Cook: Apple has no issue porting its apps to Android

While it may seem far-fetched that Apple would consider following BlackBerry Messenger's footsteps and bring some of its apps to Android, it turns out that such a move isn't out of the question. "We have no religious issue with porting an Apple app to Android," said Cook in response to whether iCloud should branch out to other platforms. "If it made sense for us to do that, we would do that. You could apply that to every area of Apple." That's far from a guarantee that apps coded by Cupertino will turn up on Google's mobile OS, but the fact that we could see iMessage make a Google+ Hangouts-like pilgrimage to rival territory is tantalizing.

Update: We now have the full interview with Tim Cook right after the break.

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