Tim Cook thinks Google Glass lacks broad appeal, but wearables are 'incredibly interesting'

Today on stage at the D11 conference, Tim Cook indicated that Apple's interested in wearable tech, including Google Glass, even though he thinks it's "tough to see it [Glass] having a broad-range appeal." When asked about the current state of wearables, he mentioned that fitness devices like the Nike FuelBand (he owns one) perform well, but devices that attempt to do more than one thing haven't impressed him thus far.

Generally, he sees wearables as "an area that's ripe for exploration" and that "there will be tons of companies involved" in making such devices. He also mentioned that biometric sensors, in particular, are an area of growth that Apple will be watching with interest, and Cook sees the potential of the wearables space to accelerate the industry further into a Post-PC era as smartphones and tablets did. When asked about Apple's plans to make a wearable, Cook wouldn't comment on the existence (or non existence) of an iWatch. So, while this is far from a confirmation of a forthcoming Apple wearable, it seems certain that the crew in Cupertino is considering them carefully.

Update: Check out the video of Cook's comments embedded after the break.

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