BlackBerry Q10 arrives at T-Mobile June 5th for $100 down

BlackBerry Q10 arrives at TMobile June 5th for $100 down

US wireless carriers have been quite cagey about the availability of BlackBerry's Q10, with most committing only to a vague June release. But as of today, T-Mobile is the first to officially lock down a hard date for non-enterprise customers: June 5th. Starting next Wednesday, UnCarrier subscribers will finally get a chance to call the Q10 their own, with a choice to either pay $100 upfront (with a 2-year payment plan) or $580 outright for a crack at BB10 in portrait QWERTY form. For the money, prospective owners are getting a 3.1-inch, 720 x 720 Super AMOLED touch display, BlackBerry's famed physical QWERTY layout and, of course, the gesture-heavy BB10 OS. Not included in the box? A complimentary Chief Creative Officer business card with your name on it and Alicia Keys' dignity.