DevJuice: Forage offers SQLite query GUI for devs

The OS X Forage (US$9.99) app provides a simple query and editing interface for SQLite databases. This app targets developers who use pre-built databases for iOS, OS X and Web deployment. It enables them to test and refine queries as well as to edit table data, and do so outside of the command line.

DevJuice Forage offers SQLite query GUI for devs

It's a pretty sweet little app. I was able to open, edit and save updates to a variety of database files. Admittedly, my testing was fairly light, but it easily handled address book and photo databases from the iPhone, which are my primary area of testing, as well as several test databases provided by the developer.

Updates are handled as transactions. You can add and change data but the changes aren't stored until you specifically hit the Save Changes button (you see it at the bottom of the table editor, next to the row add and delete buttons).

Visual updates (they're subtle -- you may have to change your selection to see them) indicate which items have been changed. You cannot yet revert without saving, but that's something promised for future releases.

You create new SQL queries by double-clicking on tables. Each query occupies a tab in your workspace. In the following screen shot I have two query tabs in process. These tabs enable you to tweak each SQL query independently. You cannot, at this time, name the queries, but it's pretty easy to move through the workspace as needed.

DevJuice Forage offers SQLite query GUI for devs

Yes, the app is in early days, and the only big complaint I have is that the app itself isn't fully stable. I managed to crash it a number of times. The developer assures me that a bug fix update is imminent and will address the problem.

For now, what you're buying is an evolving product that shows promise, and one that many developers will find useful even now.