Verizon Galaxy S III software update adds bug fixes, carrier billing and Multi Window support

With an AWS-enabled Galaxy S 4 looming on the horizon for Verizon (note: the rhyme has us cringing, too), Samsung's Galaxy S III is gracefully sunsetting its flagship status. But it's not bowing out quietly. A software update is set to roll out to Big Red GS III's that'll bring with it a veritable slew of under-the-hood improvements (i.e., consistent 4G connection when in hotspot mode, easier NFC access, S Voice tweaks, etc.), as well as Multi Window functionality for app multi-tasking and direct carrier billing for Google Play. Owners will also find Flipboard, if they haven't downloaded it already, pre-loaded onto their devices post-update -- though, it arrives without that nifty Air View preview feature. So, you can hold off from the GS4 envy for a bit yet, there's still some life left in Samsung's one-time Android king.