Fanhattan plans living room invasion with versatile Fan TV set-top box (video)

Fanhattan, maker of video-streaming tablet and smartphone apps, now has a set-top box to call its own. It's called Fan TV, and combines live web streaming, TV and cloud-based DVR functionality in a single device. The interface is very simple and clean -- you navigate through a TV-based UI, as you'd probably expect, with a tiny multi-touch remote driving the experience. The main device, designed in partnership with Yves Behar of OLPC fame, is also quite compact. Spec details are light, but we do know that the system runs on Android, and features limited connectivity, including Ethernet and HDMI. According to a The Next Web report, Fanhattan is planning to sell Fan TV through cable TV providers, rather than directly to consumers. The company isn't sharing its content and distribution partners yet, but more details will surely become public before the expected US launch later this year. There's also no mention of price. For a closer look, check out the promo video after the break.