Google SVP: We're working on enhanced privacy features for Android, guest user option

Afer being asked by AllThingsD's Walt Mossberg whether Google SVP Sundar Pichai saw the need for more privacy, Pichai said that he wants to bring several of the security and privacy options that users already see on Chrome across to its mobile platform. "When we did Chrome, we invested in incognito mode. Now you can do that on the phone [through the Chrome app]."

"You're completely not signed-in, and we don't know anything about you... We do want more things like that, though. From a security, child safety, etc. standpoint. Chrome OS lets you be a guest user. We're working on things like that on Android." Unfortunately he didn't elaborate on any timeframe or anything more detailed, but it looks like Google is taking those privacy concerns on board. Who knows, perhaps we'll see something incognito-ready on the next big Android update.