Samsung's 65- and 55-inch 4K TVs launch next month in Korea for less than $8,000

Samsung's first 4K TV came with an eye catching 85-inch frame design and an eye popping $39,999 MSRP, but its next two will apparently be much more reasonable. The 65- and 55-inch versions have just been given a release date and pricing information in Korea and while still expensive, they've followed Sony's lead to a sub-$10,000 price point. The machine translated press release indicates pre-orders should start June 1st, with the 55-inch model available for 6.4 million won ($5,670), and the 65-inch version for 8.9 million won ($7,913). Naturally, they include Samsung's upscaling technology and support for the Evolution Kit CPU upgrade as well, and as seen in the pics (above and one more after the break) feature a more standard frame design. As an additional bonus, pre-orderers will get a free coupon for the 2014 upgrade kit (we wonder if that will include any potential new HDMI standards) and a fitness bike exercise game app.

Samsung's 65 and 55inch 4K TVs launch next month in Korea for less than $8,000

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Samsung Electronics starts to receive pre-orders for the 65" and 55" UHD TV F9000 from Jun 1 for a month. The pre-orders for 65" and 55" UHD TV F9000 will be available from Jun 1 to 30 through department stores and Samsung digital plazas, and general merchandising stores nationwide. The Samsung 65" and 55" UHD TVs boast four times better ultra high definitions than current full HD TVs of 1920 * 1080. They are also equipped with Samsung's original 4-Step Upscaling Technology to turn ordinary videos into clear and high definition videos. On the top of it, Evolution Kit is applied to the UTD TVs in perfect preparation for the future UHD broadcasting standards.