CNET: Acer will release a $400 Android AiO PC running Intel's Haswell CPU (update: nope)

Acer will soon release an Intel Haswell 3GHz, Core-i5-powered all-in-one that cuts Windows out of the PC picture altogether by running Android, according to an un-sourced rumor from CNET. The PC maker has already dipped its toes into the Android AiO waters with the 21.5-inch ARM-powered Smart Display DA220HQL (shown above), but if the rumor pans out, it would mark the first Intel powered AiO we've seen from anyone packing Google's mobile OS. The lack of a license fee to Microsoft means the unit would cost around $400, and thanks to Android's lower hardware needs, would come with a mere 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM at a minimum. If true -- and that's a huge "if" -- it makes some sense considering Acer's desire to avoid Microsoft's Windows RT OS at all costs, but we're not sure how an Android-based tablet with pricier Intel underpinnings would go down with the public.

Update: It turns out CNET were mistaken because of wonky retailer listings and there's no new Intel-powered AiO from Acer. Retailer confusion between the Texas Instruments 4430 and Intel Haswell 4430 caused the error, and it's simply the Acer DA220HQL we reported on back in February, which is now available from retailers at $400 and up. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused.