ASUS adds liquid-cooled Haswell to its ROG TYTAN G30 gaming desktop (video)

ASUS adds liquidcooled Haswell to its ROG TYTAN G30 gaming desktop video

It's fair to say that Haswell doesn't do much for desktop enthusiasts -- a few percentage points of compute performance perhaps, but nothing like the major improvements for mobile SKUs and integrated graphics. Nevertheless, those questing after every extra FLOP probably ought to take note that ASUS is about to bring out a Haswell-equipped version of its ROG TYTAN desktop. We have no pricing or availability yet, just an official video that popped up on ASUS's official YouTube channel during the weekend. It promises a water-cooled Core i7-4770K with one-button overclocking to 4.1GHz, alongside an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680. That choice for graphics seems a bit strange, given the launch of the GTX 770 and 780 last week -- but it's possible the spec will be updated, or that more expensive options will have the newer cards. We won't know either way until ASUS puts out some info pricing and availability, and we'll update this post if that happens.