A new thing to get hooked on: Angry Birds fishing gear

We always love talking about Rovio's Angry Birds franchise here at TUAW, because it was one of the first blockbuster hit games in the App Store. The franchise has grown into a worldwide phenomenon, and products ranging from Angry Birds bed sheets to soft drinks are being snapped up in stores. The latest tie-in comes from Finnish fishing gear manufacturer Rapala, with their line of Angry Birds lures and fishing rods for the budding fisherman in your family.

The lures are quite cool, ranging from the "Rattlin' Red Bird" and "DT Fat Bomb Bird" to the "Skitter Pop Bad Pig." These aren't just wacky names given to standard lures -- they're actually designed to look and act like their Angry Birds counterparts, while making those fishies want to go nuts for the fish hooks.

Rapala has also developed beginner fishing poles and float sets for the younger anglers in your family. Who knows? This may be just the product to get your kid out of the house away from the iPad and into the great outdoors this summer. The Angry Birds line is currently for sale in Finland and Denmark, and will hopefully make it to the rest of the world soon.