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Choose My Adventure: Put me in, coach

Choose My Adventure: Put me in, coach
Mike Foster
Mike Foster|@mikedotfoster|June 5, 2013 9:00 AM
Every games writer must wonder, at some point in his career, whether he is in fact horrible at video games. Be the game Dota 2, EVE Online, or any of the other titles that make up my weekly play schedule, I worry I'm much better at having a good time than I am at actually manipulating game mechanics and making them perform the way I would want.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Yes, dear friends -- I can change. I just can't do it alone. I need your help to become the most powerful, handsome, talented, handsome, elite-geared, handsome video gamester in all the world. It's up to you to Choose My Adventure and in doing so to decide which title offers me the best chance of becoming a golden gaming god and offers you the best chance to be my tough-but-fair coach who is totally a lovable teddy bear underneath all the swearing and yelling.

Scarlet BladeScarlet Blade

Scarlet Blade is a game about breasts. Sometimes those breasts have weapons, and sometimes they cast spells. I am told there is also an MMORPG somewhere amongst the bosoms.


This one I've played a bit already. Firefall is a sci-fi shooty-type game that involves wearing metal costumes and "thumping" the ground to make bugs come out.


Aion I have also played. This game is a fantasy MMORPG in which you get wings but are not allowed to pick up monsters or other players and drop them from the sky.

PlanetSide 2PlanetSide 2

PlanetSide 2 is a first-person shooter in which the immediate goal is killing everything that moves and the secondary goal is ignoring everything your team tells you to do. Also, it's pretty.

APB ReloadedAPB Reloaded

APB Reloaded is a free-to-play action-type MMO in which you commit felonies and are rewarded with more power and loot than you can possibly imagine. Just like real life.


Smite is a MOBA in which you pick a god who is respected and worshipped by millions of people and use him or her to beat the snot out of another god who is respected and worshipped by millions of people.

Star ConflictStar Conflict

This game is an action-MMO in which you fly a spaceship and engage in combat with other spaceships, except you don't need eight pages of menus and spreadsheets to do it.


Neverwinter is a MMORPG with dragons. It is on this list because it is against the law to make game lists on MMO websites without at least one dragon-centric title.

Clone Wars AdventuresClone Wars Adventures

Clone Wars Adventures is a family-friendly Star Wars MMO. It's probably similar to Star Wars: The Old Republic except fun to play.

Fallen EarthFallen Earth

This game is a post-apocalyptic action title that takes place near the Grand Canyon and is presumably more enjoyable than staring into the actual Grand Canyon, which contains only the reflections of your own crumbling mortality.

So that's that. Where should my quest for video game champion-ness begin? Get your votes in by 11:59 EDT p.m. on Saturday, June 8th. %Poll-82768%
Mike Foster is leaving everything up to you in Choose My Adventure, the Massively column in which you make the rules (and hopefully take the blame). Swing by every Wednesday to help guide Mike along this fantastical internet-ready series and to read up on his latest triumphs and gaffes in the game you demanded he play.
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Choose My Adventure: Put me in, coach