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BBM for iOS slated to arrive on June 27 (Updated)

BBM for iOS slated to arrive on June 27 (Updated)
Yoni Heisler
Yoni Heisler|@edibleapple|June 6, 2013 12:30 PM

BBM for iOS slated to arrive on June 27

Update: Note that T-Mobile UK has since deleted the tweet. BlackBerry has since confirmed that BBM for iOS will not be launching on June 27.

Back in mid-May, we reported that BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) would soon be making its way to both iOS and Android as a free download.

And now, thanks to a tweet from T-Mobile UK, it appears that BBM fans have something to look forward to on June 27.

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Now you might be wondering who exactly uses BBM anymore. Well, BlackBerry a few weeks ago noted that BBM continues to service more than 60 million active users per month and that BBM users send and receive upwards of 10 billion messages each day.

So there is a market for it, apparently.

BBM for iOS will only run on iOS 6 and will include features such as multi-person chats, voice note sharing and BlackBerry Groups.

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