Vodafone UK announces pricing plans for Nokia Lumia 925, pre-orders start today

We knew Vodafone would be adding the recently unveiled Nokia Lumia 925 to its smartphone lineup in the United Kingdom, but today the carrier's officially diving into how it plans to sell it to potential suitors. The best attraction would appear to be the all-you-can-have calls / messages with 2GB of data, which will cost you £34 per month over two years. If that particular offering isn't for you, however, Vodafone UK also has something for those who need a little more web access on the go: £39 for 24 months gets you the same unlimited deal on voice and text but with 4GB of data -- and it's worth mentioning both plans won't require any cash upfront for the device. The sleek Lumia 925 is set to be up for pre-order starting today, and Vodafone's really hoping the 32GB black model will be a crucial detail in your decision to go its way instead of, say, O2. So, what will it be?