webOS to receive mandatory system update to maintain access to cloud services

It's not exactly the best birthday present ever, but today HP announced that webOS devices running version 2.1 and up will receive an automatic update to the App Catalog. The new code is needed to replace security certificate set to expire on July 23 that grants access to webOS cloud services. For the select few running older versions of webOS, fear not, for updating your devices merely requires manual navigation to the App Catalog, then grab and install the "HP App Catalog Update" application. Got it? Good.

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HP Issues mandatory webOS system update

A certificate used on webOS devices is set to expire on July 23, 2013. For the system to be able to use cloud services such as Backup/Restore and Application Catalog the certificate needs to be updated.

Beginning June 6th an automatic update to the Application Catalog will replace the certificate. That means that anyone running Web OS "2.1" or greater will have the certificate installed automatically when the catalog is run.

For anyone who is running webOS versions older than "2.1", or wants to manually install, they will need to go to the App Catalog and select the app called "HP App Catalog Update", download and install it on their system.

After the expiration of the certificate on July 23, 2013 the user will need to set the system time back to a date prior to July 23, 2013 and follow the same procedure outlined above to update the certificate.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.