Just in time for Father's Day: Waterfield Designs Finn Wallet

Waterfield Designs makes some of the nicest computer, tablet, and smartphone accessories out there, and by nice I mean customizable, good-looking, and durable. I've had a Waterfield Designs iPad Travel Express bag for about three years now, dragged it all over the world, and it still looks like it did when it was brand new. Well, that same durable design is now showing up in your pocket with the delightful Finn Wallet (US$29), which can be used either as a wallet (duh!) or to house a naked iPhone. Let's take a look!


The Finn Wallet actually comes in two different sizes: Size 25, which is intended to be a "wallet wallet", and Size 27, to clothe your iPhone 5. As for the lovely leather exterior (no, it's not Corinthian Leather), it comes in black, camel, grey, red, forest green, and cowboy brown, and is "naturally tanned to feel like a deer (but it's not from a deer)."

On the outside walls of the Finn are a pair of matched pockets. Gary Waterfield, in the video below, says that he puts credit cards and business cards on opposite sides, cash in the middle. For me, I'd put an iPhone 5 in the middle, credit cards on one side, ID cards on the other. Waterfield Designs says that the Size 25 will hold more than 20 credit cards and a "nice wad of dollars" while the Size 27 holds your iPhone, about 15 credit cards and a "nice stash of bills." I think I need to get to know these guys better, since I never have cash on hand...

The zipper locks shut, keeping the Finn Wallet from spilling its contents, and the bottom and inside of the wallet are made out of the same durable ballistic nylon material used on other Waterfield cases.



For my test, I took my unusually thick wallet and tried to transfer it and my iPhone 5 to the Finn Wallet Size 27 (see the gallery above). Surprisingly, it worked. Instead of having a wallet, my keys, and my iPhone all piled up in my pockets, now it's down to keys in one pocket, everything else in the Finn Wallet in the other pocket.

Just in time for Father's Day Waterfield Designs Finn Wallet

The nicest thing about the Finn Wallet is that it slides easily in and out of your pocket -- which is why I added a pocket chain for travel security. The leather exterior is just going to get a nice weathered look on it and will become better looking with age. I'm not worried about the iPhone 5, either -- it's got plenty of padding on both sides thanks to the leather exterior and those pockets full of credit cards.


Does your Dad need a new wallet for Father's Day on June 16? If the old man totes an iPhone as well, get him a Finn Wallet (Size 27) -- if he's not a fan of those newfangled devices, the Size 25 ought to keep him happy.


  • Beautifully made from leather in six different finishes

  • Durable interior and bottom construction using ballistic nylon, locking zipper

  • Very reasonable price

  • That wonderful leather smell!

  • Surprising capacity for turning a George Costanza wallet into a thing of beauty


  • None to speak of

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who carries a wallet. If you carry an iPhone (up to the size of an iPhone 5), like the feel and look of leather, and want something that truly organizes your life, you're going to love the Finn Wallet.