Screenshots from eBay-bought Windows Phone hint at notification center, interface tweaks (updated)

You know how it goes, you buy a phone on eBay, and it comes with a developer / pre-release version of a major mobile OS. Well, if these images are to be believed, that's at least what happened to one bargain-hunting Windows Phone fan. The screenshots -- said to be taken from a Nokia 920 -- show Windows Phone 8, but with a few new tweaks and features. Most notable, will likely be the notifications, but other tidbits include App list ordering based on frequency of use, week view in the calendar and the option to kill apps from the multitask screen. The phone reports a build number of: 12084.WPMAIN(wpbldlab).20130509-1407 leading some to infer that this version could have been compiled sometime in May. A tease of something to come? As always, hard to tell, but expect the price of second-hand 920s to bump up a little, for the next few weeks at least.

Update (06/09): The Verge got in touch with the buyer of the phone and it just so happens that Microsoft requested it be returned in exchange for a what was paid and a pro bono device. Looks like the resale value of 920s just dipped a bit earlier than we expected...