PS4 now available for pre-order on Amazon at $399 (update: more retailers)

Microsoft may have been the E3 matinée, but Sony's late-night showing was quite impressive -- offering a gaming device that's $100 less, with plenty of other notable features to help it stand out of the next-gen crowd. And if you were waiting around until after the PlayStation press conference tonight before deciding which console to grab, it's finally time to settle on your top choice (if you plan to go with only one, that is). Now that the PS4 has been priced at $399 and a general timeframe of availability has been set for this holiday season, it's now time to head to online retailers to pre-order a unit of your very own. So far we've seen the page pop up on Amazon, though we imagine it will only be a matter of time before several other retailers follow suit. If you know without a doubt that this is the next-gen gaming console for you, you know what to do below.

Update: Well, would you look at that. Like clockwork, GameStop and Best Buy have jumped into the PS4 pre-order fray too.

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