Sony DualShock 4 hands-on (update: video)

Sony just wrapped its E3 press event, delighting attendees and future console buyers with showstopping news: a $399 retail price and lack of used game restrictions on the PlayStation 4. Now, with all those important bits behind us, it's time to once again focus on the hardware, specifically the PS4 controller. We got our grips on the controller immediately following Sony's E3 2013 presser -- our first chance to check out the new DualShock -- and it feels great!

We're glad to say that the thumbsticks have dramatically improved and no longer allow your thumbs to easily slip out. The triggers are also much improved, with a little lip enabling a comfortable cradle. The front face buttons are nigh identical with the DualShock 3, as is the d-pad (despite a slight visual alteration) -- the biggest difference is the new touchpad. It's clicky and feels like a surprisingly nice addition to the DualShock. It's easily clickable from the standard two hand position on a controller, though the share and options buttons are a bit out of reach (at least for our small hands). We'll have a closer look at the DualShock 4 this week from E3 and some impressions of it with actual games, so stay tuned for more from E3 2013!%Gallery-190993%

Update: We've got our hands-on video embedded after the break, so head on down to check it out.

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Zach Honig and Benjamin Harrison contributed to this report.