The Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker HD launches in October, boasts faster sailing

Looking for a new Zelda game for your Wii U? Nintendo hasn't quite spilled the beans on that one, but it has given us some additional details about the system's upcoming Gamecube remake: The Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker HD will hit stores this October. Naturally, Nintendo boasted that the game would be rendered in 1080p, justifying the "HD" part of the game's title, but the company saw fit to patch some of the original game's non-visual shortcomings, too -- lightly teasing itself for the Gamecube release's long and dull sailing segments. The fix, apparently, was numbingly simple: hold the A button to sail faster.

Satoru Iwata also explained that they also had to tweak a few mechanics to get it ready for the Wii U, namely replacing the GBA-link Tingle Tuner mode for the original game with a "Tingle Bottle," which allows users to send messages in a bottle via Miiverse. Unfortunately, that's all Nintendo had to say about the Zelda franchise. Is a Wind Waker remake enough to tide fans over until the Wii U gets an original Zelda game? Let us know what you think -- we do have a comments section, after all.

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