Microsoft delays Xbox One launch in Asia by a whole year, forgets to even mention Japan (updated)

If you thought November 2013 was too long to wait, bear a thought for Asian gamers who will apparently have to wait those six months, plus an additional twelve, to pick up their Xbox One. According to Alan Bowman, Microsoft's Regional VP for Sales and Marketing in Asia, the new console will launch in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and India around late 2014. (Note the lack of Japan on that list, we're still checking with Microsoft on that.) These are all regions that have been marked as gaming high-growth areas by Microsoft -- the VP added that the Xbox 360 became the top-selling console in Asia this year. The company's also pointed to its next-generation Kinect sensor, one that will work in "dramatically reduced" room spaces and, according Bowman, will be better attuned to Asian gamers who might not have living room space in their homes.

Update: We've just heard back from a Microsoft spokesperson who told us the following:

"Microsoft does plan to launch Xbox One, the ultimate new-generation all-in-one entertainment system, in Japan -- we look forward to confirming timing and other details at a later stage."