Thorough Google Glass teardown reveals 570mAh battery capacity

Among the handful of Google Glass teardowns (and attempts at doing so) out there, this one by Star Simpson and Scott Torborg is one of the most thorough. The pair deconstructed the eyewear down to components so small they fit on a dime, using considerable force to tear through glue and plastic. Peeling back the cover of the battery enclosure revealed a non-replaceable 2.1 Wh (570mAh) single-cell lithium polymer unit. Simpson and Torborg note that while they do not recommend dismantling Glass (it's hard enough to get your hands on one), they didn't encounter major hurdles when they did and even managed to put it back together in working order. Most of you are familiar with what Google Glass looks like by now, but if you want to see all its parts individually, hit the source below.

[Image credit: Catwig]