Quantic Dream's 12-minute PS4 tech demo is ready for your viewing pleasure (video)

Alexis Santos
A. Santos|06.12.13

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Quantic Dream's 12-minute PS4 tech demo is ready for your viewing pleasure (video)

Now that the dust has settled from Sony's E3 press conference, Quantic Dream's posted the entirety of its PS4 tech demo, The Dark Sorcerer. Over on the PlayStation Blog, the studio's director, David Cage, laid out the finer points of their experience with performance capturing and going from flexing the PS3's graphical muscle to working with the next-gen powerhouse. When it comes to technical details, the Heavy Rain developer's comedic sketch was rendered at 1080p in real-time (lighting and all), includes one million polygons for the set and just shy of a million for every on-screen character, which each boast 350MB of textures and roughly 40 different shaders.

Impressed with what you see? Cage says it's bound to get better. As it stands, the engine used for the demonstration is in its first iteration, and is missing features that are scheduled for the final version. "We can feel that we are closing in little by little on the kind of graphic quality we find in CG films," Cage notes. Venture past the break for the video or hit the bordering source link for more background.

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