Facebook opens first European data center, uses company-designed servers

Facebook's first European data center in Luleå, Sweden (near the Arctic Circle) is now online, and thus far it's the only facility that's exclusively using servers the company itself designed. Similar to the social network's North Carolina complex that served as testing ground for its outdoor air-cooling configuration, the Swedish facility takes advantage of the region's frigid winds. Excess heat produced by the machines is then routed to offices to keep employees warm in the chilly region. The firm claims the 900,000-square-foot center is powered entirely by hydroelectric energy -- a source so reliable that Facebook saw it fit to scale down the number of backup generators by more than 70 percent. With an average power usage efficiency (PUE) of 1.07, the servers should consume 1.07 watts of energy for each watt they need to function pointing to minimal energy loss. Now that the Luleå installation is complete and operational, the company can focus on building its $1.5 billion megastructure (its biggest data center yet) in Altoona, Iowa.

[Image credit: Facebook]