MTV iOS app relaunched with full-episode streaming, more video content

MTV iOS apps relaunched with fullepisode streaming, more video content

While MTV has had a presence on Apple's mobile platform to some extent, its parent company, Viacom, is now approaching things differently by increasing and improving the video content found in its iOS apps. MTV is renaming its WatchWith app as, well, MTV, and it's adding on some new functionality to go with the popular second-screen features. The most notable trait of the newfangled iOS app is the ability to stream episodes from select MTV shows in full, though, in order to do so, users will need to be subscribed to one of the participating cable providers -- AT&T U-verse, DirecTV, Time Warner Cable and Verizon FiOS being among them. The Reality Television Music Television network says it's also boosting the app's on-demand repertoire, giving viewers access to a slew of sneak peaks, bonus clips and other original content. And, hey, we'll take as much Awkward as we can get.