We're live from the 2013 Paris Air Show!

While you were sleeping earlier today, we were getting trampled by crazed commuters at a train station, overheated in a steamy bus that inched through traffic at one mile per hour, and soaked by heavy rains and an overflowing airport sewage system. But all in all, it was a pretty fantastic day. That's due in no small part to the dozens of incredible aircraft we had a chance to get up close and personal with, the fighter jets demonstrating slow flight and vertical climbs a few hundred feet above the ground, and the A350 cockpit we stumbled upon in the Airbus booth.

Yes, we're here at the 2013 Paris Air Show -- France's gigantic biennial aviation fest. It's more or less like any other trade show we've visited in the past few weeks, just instead of tablet accessories, we're digging through aircraft components, and the Airbus A350 is this expo's Zenbook Infinity. There's been no shortage of press on TV and all over the web today, so you're probably familiar with the show's theme: Airbus versus Boeing. Sure, that's more or less been the case every time Le Bourget Airport has opened its doors to the aviation community, but with the Dreamliner's recent dilemma and the A350's budding ascendance, the competition this year is furious. But we'll leave the industry analysis to aviation publications -- we're here for the gear. And some pretty ambitious flight demos. You can catch more of today's action in our video after the break.%Gallery-191618%