3DS system update adds on-board save data backup

Jordan Mallory
J. Mallory|06.20.13

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3DS system update adds on-board save data backup
3DS system update adds onboard save data backup
The latest 3DS system firmware update (ver. 2.0.0-2U) adds the ability to backup saved game data onto the handheld's SD card, which is good news for people with cramped cards and/or hoarding sensibilities. This allows players to delete games or applications without removing their progress/work in said games/applications, provided the program supports backups to begin with.

Backing up a game's data can either be accomplished by selecting the game's icon on the home screen and then tapping the little arrow on the bottom left, or by selecting the "Save-Data Backup" option in the System Settings menu. If neither of these options are present, it means you need to connect your 3DS to the Internet and download the update. Well, or it means that you've never actually played a game, or own a 3DS, and that everything you think you know about your life has been a lie. Your identity is a curse; your past – a mystery. Coming this fall.
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