In which I manage to stop editing


Attentive byline watchers may have noticed my name appearing a lot less frequently. Non-byline watchers: hi, I'm JC, and I'm managing editor of this site.

Or I was, until very recently.

I've stepped down from my full-time position to devote myself to the completely different challenge of being a full-time stay at home dad to my new twins, who were born on May 2.

In which I manage to stop editing

Leaving Joystiq was a tough decision after six years, thousands of posts and a dozen enduring friendships, but I simply don't have time for a stressful full-time job, and I don't want to neglect my kids in favor of costume DLC announcements.

That said, I won't be vanishing completely. Ludwig was gracious enough to offer to keep me on in a freelance capacity. I'll contribute essays, reviews and whatever else I can think of to write in my spare time – and, probably, on my phone with one hand as I hold a baby in the other. It's possible! I'm doing it right now.

I'm very fortunate to be able to maintain my association with the best game news site on the Internet. And the site will just get better, with the arrival of the wonderful Susan Arendt as my replacemen(d)t. I look forward to working with her from my newly limited role. If only the prerequisite for her hiring weren't my own departure ...

I'll be around, friends. Like the world's least intimidating shark, I'll die if I stop writing about games. And the kids will go to school eventually, at which point I'll probably attempt full-time work once again. But 12,106 posts later; I'm going to stop writing the news for a while, and start reading it. Thank you all for reading Joystiq during my tenure! And thank you to everyone I've worked with over the years.