Apple: iOS fragmentation? What iOS fragmentation?

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Steve Sande
June 21, 2013 12:40 PM
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Apple: iOS fragmentation? What iOS fragmentation?

One thing that Apple is very proud of -- and has good reason to be proud of -- is that the world of iOS isn't very fragmented. That means that most iOS users have upgraded to the latest version of the operating system and are taking advantage of the many integrated services built into it -- things like Maps, Passbook and more. Apple has published the chart seen at right in the official iOS Dev Center to tout the fact that 93 percent of iOS users are running on iOS 6, with only 1 percent running a version earlier than iOS 5.

The numbers are based on App Store visits during the 14 days ending June 3, 2013, and really demonstrate vividly how cohesive the iOS environment is -- just about every iOS device on the planet is running iOS 6. That also demonstrates how easy Apple has made it for users to upgrade to the newest OS version.

It's likely that Apple chose to create this graphic for one very snarky reason: every two weeks, a pie chart is published by Google so that Android developers can see what percentage of users are on any particular version of that highly fragmented OS (below).

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Apple iOS fragmentation What iOS fragmentation

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Apple: iOS fragmentation? What iOS fragmentation?