Apple I to hit Christie's auction block starting at $300,000

If you weren't able to scrounge up enough coin to snap up the last few Apple I computers to be auctioned off, another chance to score one -- and empty your bank account -- is headed your way. Starting today, Christie's will be auctioning a functional Apple I until July 9, with a starting bid of $300,000. If last month's record-breaking $671,400 sale of a similar rig is anything to go by, this machine may rake in more than its estimated $500,000 value. The owner of the Apple I, who picked it up over three decades ago in a swap, modified it with a keyboard, monitor and a tape deck for storage - in other words, just the motherboard is original. Those more interested in window shopping can ogle the classic hardware at Mountain View's Computer History Museum beginning tomorrow.

[Image credit: Christie's Auction House]