Daily iPhone App: Where's My Mickey combines Disney's old with its new

Disney has come up with yet another way to wring a new title out of its megahit Where's My Water. This time, it combines the "swipe to clean" gameplay with one of the company's oldest properties. Yes, they've pulled out Mickey Mouse for an iOS game, and Where's My Mickey? is available on the App Store right now.

If you've played any of the other Where's My Water games, you'll know how this goes. Swipe across the screen to clear paths through dirt and funnel water into certain areas. In this case, you must direct water to Mickey (sporting his new retro look) so he can make lemonade. There are some new mechanics here as well, including clouds that can catch and drop water when tapped, and wind that can blow those clouds around the stage. Just like its sibling games, Where's My Mickey has lots of collectibles to find, and plenty of stages to go through.

Despite this core game getting plenty old at this point (I know you've got another great original title in you somewhere, Disney -- please find it), Where's My Mickey is actually charming, both because it does bring new elements and new puzzles to the gameplay, and because it's got some very silly (and well-made) cutscenes telling the story of this new Mickey and his lemonade stand.

Where's My Mickey is US$0.99 cents on the iPhone and $1.99 on the iPad, with an extra set of episodes available for another dollar. If you've had enough of drawing in the dirt via Where's My Water, this go-round probably won't convince you otherwise. But for those still interested in moving liquid around, bringing Mickey in was a good move on Disney's part. Hopefully the company will start up a whole new track soon, instead of treading over this gameplay yet again.